Everyone has rights and responsibilities

Everyone has rights and responsibilities


Your rights are to:

  • Be treated fairly, with respect and feel safe

  • Be included in groups and activities

  • Ask for help when you need it

  • Say ‘no’ to unwanted behavior

  • Make your own decisions

  • Be protected from bullying and harassment

  • Make truthful complaints

  • Be informed of complaints made about you

  • Have both sides of an issue or argument heard

  • Be informed of consequences that affect you

  • Have a fair appeal process

  • Have a supportive adult speak for you

Your responsibilities are to:

  • Treat others fairly and with respect

  • Include and welcome others

  • Help protect yourself from harm

  • Respect other people’s boundaries

  • Give help when needed

  • Listen when others say “No”

  • Not overpower, bully, harass or abuse anyone

  • Control your anger

  • Report mistreatment of other people

  • Listen to yourself and get help if something seems wrong

  • Let people make their own decisions

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