Who are the bullies?

Who are the Bullies?

Some signs of a bully are…

  • Taunts, intimidates or harasses.

  • Spreads vicious rumors verbally and/or electronically that hurt or ruinanother’s reputation.

  • Physically aggressive (hits, punches, kicks, slams, chokes).

  • Has a positive view of violence.

  • Threatens with force or fear; extortion.

  • Marked need to control and dominate others.

  • Damages another ’s property or clothing.

  • Quick-tempered, impulsive, easily frustrated or flares off the top.

  • Takes pleasure in seeing someone in distress, unconcerned if someone isupset.

  • Finds it difficult to see a situation from the other person’s point ofview.

  • Refuses to accept responsibility or denies wrong doing when evidenceshows guilt.

  • Blames the victim or says the person “deserved what he got”; good attalking way out of situations.

  • Shows little sympathy or concern for the victim or a child who was hurt.

  • Targets those who are weaker or younger.

  • Intolerant of “differences” whether it be sexual orientations, cultures,religious beliefs, appearances, age, gender, or abilities and often slams thosedifferences.

  • Is insensitive to the feelings or needs of others; a lack of empathy.


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